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Accident Reporting

An accident is an unplanned event (or sequence of events) that causes injury, illness, or property damage. A “near miss” is an unplanned event or sequence of events that have the potential to cause injury, illness, or property damage. A near miss is equally important to investigate because it indicates that something went wrong. It may only be sheer luck that someone wasn’t injured – this time.

The supervisor and/or SEM will investigate the who, what, when, where, and how. The focus of any accident investigation is fact-finding, not faultfinding. The goal of an accident investigation is to find the cause(s) so that the supervisor can determine why it happened to help develop solutions to prevent recurrence.

Accident Reporting Procedures and Forms


The supervisor must report all workplace injuries/illnesses within 24 hours of being notified

The supervisor must promptly report all workplace injuries/illnesses.

  • Emergency Medical Attention
    • Call 911 for an ambulance to be taken to the Emergency Room at Eastern Maine Medical Center or St. Joseph Hospital
  • Non-Emergency Medical Attention
    • Cutler Health Center can be called at 581.4000 to set up a medical appointment. Generally your supervisor should make this call.  An immediate appointment will generally be made available for those injuries requiring immediate medical attention. When Cutler Health Center is not open and you have a workplace injury/illness requiring immediate attention such as a cut finger requiring stitches, you should go to the Emergency Department at Eastern Maine Medical Center.  For a minor injury that does not need immediate attention, please call Cutler Health Center at 581.4000 to get an appointment at an appropriate time.
  • Overnight Admission to a Hospital or Fatality
    • Immediately contact UMaine Police at 581.4040 to initiate further response.

Workplace injuries/illnesses sustained by employees

All work related injuries/illnesses (whether they result in medical attention or not) are reported to the Claims Coordinator in the System Risk Management Office, who will ensure that the claim is reported to the workers’ compensation/employee injuries insurance company.

  • Supervisors should refer to the UMS Risk Management and Insurance website for specific procedures at the website link below.

Supervisors will utilize the incident report under the subcategory Injuries to Employees-Workers Compensation and follow the instruction on the form.

Injuries and property damage sustained by visitors, students, or the general public

Please refer to USM Risk Management for forms and instructions.

When you have completed the form, please fax the form to the UMaine Campus Risk Management Administrator at 581.2673.