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University of Maine System Active Shooter Video

To all University of Maine System Employees and Students,

Shots Fired on CampusThe Shots Fired On Campus video provides all University of Maine System employees and students with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation.

This training program has been provided to help our campus communities prepare and respond to active shooter incidents.   I encourage you to watch this important training video which concerns the remote possibility that in your lifetime, you might have to deal with an active shooting or hostage situation at work, or in your community.   The film is very frank and many of the images in the film are frightening.   There are gun shots heard throughout, and the film, while designed to ready us for such a situation, may result in some anxiety.   Preparedness and prevention, however, are essential tools for dealing with unexpected bad situations.

If, after viewing the film, you have questions or desire advice, please contact your campus police/security department for further assistance.

Thank you for your willingness to address this most difficult of real world realities.

University of Maine System Risk Manager