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X-Ray and Sealed Source Refresher


How to Use this Guide

Annual refresher training is intended for those persons who have attended an Initial Radiation Safety Training prior to the start of the current calendar year. It serves to update and inform users about current radiological safety requirements and concerns. Those users MUST review the annual Refresher Training Guide at least ONCE EVERY CALENDAR YEAR. Alternatively, groups of users or departments may prefer to arrange for an in-house refresher training lecture conducted by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). These can be arranged on a case-by-case basis by calling the Radiation Safety Officer at 581-4055.

Refresher training MUST be documented for each person in your laboratory who uses x- ray producing equipment or sealed source radioactive materials except for staff members who have attended the Initial Radiation Safety Training in the current year. Training documentation must be retained by Authorized Users and is subject to inspection by the State of Maine Radiation Control Program. After viewing, please complete a Refresher Training Record, keeping a copy in your laboratory and sending one to the Radiation Safety Officer.

When approved by the RSO, this guide can also be used as interim initial training for new staff who have  never attended the Initial Radiation Safety Training but who need to commence working with radiation before they can attend a regularly scheduled training. Contact the RSO for more information at 581-4055.