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Lockout/Tagout (the Control of Hazardous Energy) - Refresher


Locked gas cylinderLockout/Tagout toolbox and locksWho Needs this Training

People conducting maintenance/repair operations on machinery and equipment are exposed to possible injury from the unexpected start-up of the equipment, or the release of stored energy in the equipment.  The purpose of a Lockout/Tagout Program is to prevent injury to individuals performing repair and maintenance tasks.

The Lockout/Tagout Program at the University of Maine requires the use of specific maintenance safety procedures to shut down, isolate, prevent the release of stored energy, and to bring the equipment back on-line.  In addition, employees will receive department specific training to ensure that they fully understand the concepts of lockout/tagout and the methods by which safety procedures are implemented in their department.

This training module covers general concepts of lockout/tagout and associated energy control procedures.

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