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Satellite Accumulation Area


This training module is intended to help Departments meet their Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) training requirements.This training may also be provided as part of Department Annual Safety Training or Chemical Hygiene Plan Training in your area.

The information provided in this training is also available in the Satellite Accumulation Area Procedure (available in the Policies subfolder on the SEM Documents web page)

What is Satellite Accumulation Area?

A Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAA) is where hazardous wastes are initially generated and tend to accumulate. It may be located within a laboratory, shop, central storage area, or other secure location, provided that the SAA is at or near the point of waste generation and is under the control of the person or persons generating the waste.

When is training required?

All employees (including student employees) who handle hazardous wastes must receive training on the tasks they may be expected to perform.

Satellite Accumulation Area Training must be provided:

  1. Before inspecting SAAs,
  2. Before being allowed to work unsupervised, and
  3. Annually thereafter.

What does this training cover?

Items addressed in this training module include:

  • How to Request a Waste Determination
  • Containers and Compatibility
  • Accumulation Limits
  • Labeling and Inspection Requirements
  • Disposal Procedures

Does this training module meet my department SAA training requirements?

This training module may be used to meet your department's SAA training as long as you complete all of the following:

  • read all of the the training;
  • successfully pass the test at the end;
  • print off and sign the training documentation form;
  • review your department specific emergency procedures; and
  • obtain your supervisor's signature on the training documentation form.